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  • Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II

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    maybe the angriest mainstream film i've seen(?). bay exaggerates everything with comedy and action — the editing with frequent cuts is kinda distracting at first but it reaches a level of incoherence where you get used to it. still, this is a movie that features dead bodies being thrown at cars and rat sex among other batshit crazy stuff. the good guy cops destroy tons of property and invade cuba towards the end. utterly insane. a truly hateful expression of american exceptionalism. can't believe this is a movie that exists. i fucking love it.

  • Bad Boys

    Bad Boys

    decent first feature. low budget buddy cop outing that actually looks and feels better than most blockbusters these days. sure, it's still not doing anything extraordinary other than embracing cliches but it's so much fun to watch. surprisingly enough though, the action wasn't the best part of this for me, it was lawrence and smith's chemistry. bay's humour does not always land and the plot is not doing anything special, especially the identity swap bit feels really contrived but man i had a good time.

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  • Solaris


    holding on to something we love even if it's gone, not being able to move on because we're so attached to a memory or the idea of a person, denying reality to find comfort in the illusion. so humane and beautiful but the ending left me in a state of awe and had me completely petrified. what a perfect movie.

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy

    there's talks about sequels in this film and for a film preaching about originality, it sure seems to be contradicting it's own point while borrowing entire concepts from films like Ready Player One or The Lego Movie...heck there's a point in the film where it's literally trying to excite marvel and star wars fans so what even is the point? trying to criticize giant corporations whilst being a corporate product itself???