Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War ★★½

mleh. back when this movie got released, i tried watching it twice, fell asleep both times, and then just gave up on it till tonight. i get why i did so now. it's ugly as sin (im not an expert in movie terminology but its soooo grey n ugly), and a lotta the character motivations are flaky at best. also not to sound like a twitter freak but marvel has way too many white dude players that look exactly the same...ik they're bound by the comic canon and they can't change anything too drastically but if they can completely revamp one's backstory to make them a minor villain then they can at least make a character a poc or at least give more distinguishing features (freckles! curly hair! anything but close cropped white dudes!). also idk how this fits into the lore but i think scarlet witch coulda been made into a more likeable character if she was cast as younger (teen-ish, a la parker. tho maybe they might wanna keep his age a commodity so [shrug] so they could make her more sympathetic (scared, reelin from the loss of her brother etc.) and then remove the vision subplot because fuuuuck they have no chemistry at ALL lmao. zemo was also a weak villian. however bucky and t'challa were shining beacons in the Mess. cant wait till black panther. tom holland was also adorable so i guess i'm gonna havta strongarm myself into watching homecoming now lol