The Night House

The Night House ★★★★★

i'm so in love with the way that this was written. i feel like these days it's much more common for horror films to only have selective scenes that are scary rather than the entire film as a whole, but there is something intensely uneasy that lingers during the entirety of this. honestly, the only movie touching the level of how scared i was during this was kim jee-woon's "a tale of two sisters" and there's actually quite a bit of overlap between the two regarding both the themes of grief and their intense skill in building suspense.

rebecca hall is so so so good. this is such an intensely difficult character to portray for reasons that i don't wanna give away but it's a role that she falls into flawlessly. i loved experiencing this story through this character to the point where i think it's absolutely crucial to how well the film works as a whole. i feel like horror centering around grief is getting increasingly more prominent and slightly more overdone these days but this film breathes whole new life into that subgenre. i've seen a couple of people criticize the sound design but personally, i think it's one of the strongest things about it. i think it's extremely impressive that a film can be very loud and jolting but still retain a large amount of tension/suspense after those moments.

last thing: i loved the actual concept of this!!! there's a lot of very (very) horrific ideas and concepts that i've never seen portrayed on film like this so elaborately. i really appreciate how ambitious this was in terms of its visuals and it absolutely paid off given that i was literally borderline terrified. there's a lot of little things that i would love to talk about but i wanna wait until i watch it again so i can be more articulate. on top of there being a lot to analyze regarding its form, its writing and its performances but i just love how genuinely scary it is on top of all of that.

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