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  • Scare Me

    Scare Me


    A wannabe writer goes to an isolated cabin and ends up telling scary stories late at night with a more experienced writer. Then the pizza guy shows up. Hilarity and scary stories ensues. An interesting and amusing storytelling story with some lulls. True horror? Writer's block...

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    So begins my sequential FRIDAY THE 13th rewatch from the massive Scream Factory blu-ray box-set!

    And here's the one that started it all. A movie that defined an entire decade. It's kind of funny to see how muted it is in comparison to the more over the top sequels. And there's something about Pamela Voorhees that is so unsettling. We never meet her before her big appearance and almost immediately you can tell something is up with her. Yet it's…