Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★

oh this is so overhated but then again i'm an adam mckay truther. it's a hilarious satire of the past few years we've been living since the pandemic started. mindy as fauci, isherwell as gates, and the orleans as the trumps. the progression of major events felt very real and i love how this movie pointed out how fucking dumb politicians and crude capitalists are. 

one of the most popular complaints i've heard is that there was a complete lack of chemistry between chalamet and lawrence but that made perfect sense to me. they were just two hot people who were like fuck it we're gonna die let's have some fun and pretend there's something here even though we have zero chemistry.

timothée basically played kyle scheible from lady bird all grown up. clearly he's still living off of bartering lmao. i love when he plays characters like that because he always kills it. the clear improv of jonah hill was also sooo fun he slayed. this movie was a slay i can't lie i had fun!

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