Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

I never give star ratings. I either love it or don’t. There’s no two ways about it with me. 

Jojo Rabbit is my jam. Hilarious, tender, poignant where it needs to be. Fellow LB, Carlos' review picked up on the Wes Anderson/The Great Dictator vibes, which I agree on. My take though, is it’s The Great Dictator funneled through Wes Anderson, but with a much broader appeal. It’s not so idiosyncratic as Anderson film. This is a Taika Waititi film mind you, all built on satire and an all too familiar and obvious moral lesson. Waititi knows that audiences will wince at a movie about a child loving Hitler. Aand trust me, you’ll need to give this a chance. It’s all done in great taste and will make you laugh. 

The whole cast is great, and shine when they need too. Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo), and Thomasin McKenzie (Elsa) are great together. Also, any movie that uses Tom Waits covering just the Ramones, Bowie, and an Arthur Lee song from my favorite album Vindicator... automatically gets approval! In a world where we could dance a lot fucking more... Jojo Rabbit is it’s DJ. Heil Waititi!

Seen at the Egyptian Theater for Beyond Fest.

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