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Love at First Frame: 7 Questions with IMAX Chief Quality Officers David & Patricia Keighley

It was love at first frame for IMAX Chief Quality Officer David Keighley and his wife Patricia. As newlyweds in 1971, they found themselves on a date night at the Cinesphere in Toronto (the very first permanent IMAX installation of its kind), to catch a screening of the film NORTH OF SUPERIOR, directed by IMAX co-founder Graeme Ferguson. It was their first time seeing a film in the 1:43:1 aspect ratio. Overtaken by the immersion of this epic, super-sized image,…

Does the ‘Fart Opera’ actually exist? What will you see in the IMAX-exclusive, BARBIE post credit footage?

"Very sophisticated. You need to see it in IMAX!" - that's director Greta Gerwig's take on why you should experience BARBIE with never-before-seen post-credit bonus footage in IMAX. We sat down with her and cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto to chat about bringing the World of Barbie to our larger-than-life screens, their favorite films, and yes, the fabled "fart opera" sequence, (which actually exists, and can only be viewed during our week-long IMAX engagement).

See exclusive footage of THE CREATOR and Live Q&A with director Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards started his career with the 2010 indie sci-fi film MONSTERS, where he served as not only director & writer, but also visual effects artist, production designer, and cinematographer. Since then, the multi-talented filmmaker has gone on to give us the 2014 GODZILLA reboot and most famously, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY (where he also had a small cameo as a rebel soldier).

Liked reviews

Saw this on IMAX and felt like I was taken on a journey, an adventure

the imax ratio change 🤤🤤🤤

Astonishingly good. The IMAX experience was breathtaking.

Opening night IMAX. We were not only on the stage but INSIDE OF BEYONCÉ’S VOCAL CHORDS. My chair was vibrating so hard during Diva I almost fell in the aisle!!!! Transcending transcendence 🌅

A masterpiece. I'm speechless. That ending!!

Saw it in IMAX.

this is my roman empire (ofc we saw it in imax)




Greta Gerwig intro and 6 minutes of extras Barbie IMAX experience you will always be famous

Stop Making Sense in IMAX is a top 3 theatrical experience. The sound mix and 4K restoration are out of this world. I couldn’t stop my body from dancing in the seat and sing along to every song.