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  • The Tree of Life
  • Russian Ark
  • Mirror
  • Days of Heaven

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  • A Lot Like Christmas

  • Battle of Britain

  • Executive Decision

  • Giuseppina

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  • Pompeii



    Holy shit I didn’t remember those final moments hitting so hard. This got better on rewatch and I genuinely admire so much about it. The scale is captured so perfectly because there’s a sense of both the magnitude of the event and the isolation and density of the city. I love how important the conditions feel from the beginning, where the harsh rain leaves a thick layer of distortion on the screen. It boils throughout (literally) until an explosive third…

  • To the Wonder

    To the Wonder


    Almost indescribable what Malick is doing here, but this is arguably his most free-flowing and boundless work. He strips everything down to raw human expression. Glances, movements, settings, cuts all meld together into one piece. Sounds overlap and scenes intertwine like a scattergraph of memories. Fragments of the soul. Honest cinema. And needless to say, it’s all captured by such a perfect lens, floating through space and time.

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  • The New Land

    The New Land


    Utterly captivating and almost indescribably beautiful from start to finish. Maybe it’s just because I now have the whole picture, the full story, but I feel as though this is even stronger than The Emigrants. Troell takes us to social, spiritual, and moral dilemmas throughout this journey, all faced by the wonderful set of characters. Their actions and progression are hypnotic, I really could have watched this forever. The New Land builds upon the cultural differences presented towards the end…

  • I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone


    I Stand Alone should’ve been intense, but it was tedious and drab. It should’ve been an interesting delve into a warped mind, but it was just annoying and obnoxious. There are occasionally some good lines of dialogue, but it’s all outweighed by how hateful everything is, and to no avail. I didn’t gain anything from this experience. It was essentially a reprehensible individual wandering around with gross (long winded, repetitive) narration and occasional repellent actions. I didn’t get much from…