Enola Holmes ★★

Never really actively awful or anything, but misses the mark more than it hits. It’s sometimes exactly what it should be – charming, energetic, infectious – but those vibes only pop up sporadically. 

The sidekick Viscount stuff was really its biggest anchor, as it put the mother/brother story on the backburner, which was so much more interesting. But I do see the whole old generation vs new blood angle it had, so it’s not totally useless, I just wish it didn’t take up so much attention.

Millie Bobby Brown—as with the movie’s constant fourth wall breaks—threatens to do too much but eventually sticks the landing thanks to the empowering arc drawn in her final few scenes.

The movie’s probably at its best when it takes Sherlock as a character to task, whether it’s Edith pointing out his privilege or Enola calling out his lack of empathy. Brown and Cavill’s dynamic might just be the strongest part of the whole.

Aside from, of course, the Daniel Pemberton score. 
2020 ranked.

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