The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★

sometimes wes anderson clicks for me and sometimes he doesn’t but the best thing about this was the adventure of it all.

wes’ work is (obviously) absurd, and for me at least, after all of the quirks like the way the people pronounce words with humor when the line isn’t even supposed to be funny - or how the camera whips from one character to another- what really matters is the humanity. when wes anderson perfectly mixes his impeccable and i mean IMPECCABLE art direction with his love for stories, and deeply his love for people, is when he succeeds.

this is truly a movie about two lonely people and the want to uphold a legacy. the fascination is so authentic in this, and even though everything is perfectly done for intricacy sake, the emotions are really what makes this special (and willem dafoe).

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