Midsommar ★★★½

If I had to describe Midsommar, as the wise Michael Scott would say it's a film that kind of has an oaky afterbirth taste to it.

Director Ari Aster follow up to last years Hereditary brings forth more evidence that Aster is the type of guy that would gain an erection every time his girlfriend cries in front of him.

Moving past that, I'll start with my gripes.

I thought the film was a little too long.

It felt like I was in the theater for 5 hours.

But for this type of film, inadvertently though it did make the overall movie theater experience feel so much more direr. 

Repeatedly before seeing this film, most of the reviews I’d had come across brought forth in comparisons to The Wicker Man (1973.) 

Yes, there are some similarities to it. But if I were to compare the two films side by side to one another, The Wicker Man is a much stronger film, and way more emotionally draining due to the complexity of what happens in the final scene of that movie, and how much more rewarding the pay off at the end feels is. 

Florence Pugh is excellent. She is no Toni, but wholly hell she brings out one hell of an emotional performance that will stay with you.

I've been a stan of hers since I caught her in Lady Macbeth.

I feel that she and Jack Reynor relationship in this are the entire heart and soul of this movie.

If you have the chance go check out The Wicker Man from 1973, and the remake too, but for the completely opposite of reasons. 

Other than that, grab some Popcorn, grab your licorice, and wash it all down with some Soda Pop. 

And enjoy some fucked up shit over this July 4th weekend!

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