The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Feels like a southern gothic reject translation of The Place Beyond the Pines.

Generally, as an ensemble piece, it's a film that dives into a waterless swimming pool.

Actors fluctuate here feeling used one moment to feel totally underused in the next moment.

I mean, Tom Holland is supposed to be centered here, but hell, he doesn't appear until 46 minutes into the film.

Meanwhile, in those first 46 minutes, you get to watch a christ obsessed Bill Skarsgård, but at what cost.

I suppose having various characters play out during a certain period of years makes up in attempting for an interesting narrative, but shit, it just didn't work for me here.

Hell, Antonio Campos is very talented; Christine, his previous effort, was one of my favorites back in 2016.

Overall, I wouldn't go out and say that there wasn't a lot of good stuff in the movie. But wholly, it just didn't work for me as well as I had hoped.

Well, at least I'm getting to see Nomadland on the 26th, thanks to the NYFF.

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