Away We Go

Away We Go ★★★★★

It’s the simple things. It always is.

By far and large Mendes’ most grounded work; but so what, sentiment doesn’t need crazy suburbia, doesn’t need a war zone, doesn’t need to be period, doesn’t need leading men in suits holding guns, doesn’t need Coca-Cola as a marketing partner.

This is just two people — two beautiful, glowing, warm, beautiful people, how I love Maya and Krasinski in this (and in real life too)… — trying to find their place. And I think it speaks to everybody, the yearn to find our spot on earth, where the sun will shine brighter than on all others.

Colorful supporting performances by a stupidly watchable group of people — Ejogo, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Janney, Messina, everyone so real in a most absurd way —, and then some British folk, by this guy that must’ve crashed my Spotify shuffle once or twice…

There are things that just find their way to you, that you just love for being so uncomplicated, so tenderly breezy on a burning-hot summer night, my favorite kind of night.

Away I go, loving this to eternity. 💙

2009 Top 10
Sam Mendes Ranked

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