The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★★★

You realize it’s never gonna be Christmas?

I’m wary of any time loop movies these days— it’s not that I don’t like the ones that have come out in recent years; but that being said, the two teenagers in this are very optimistic, for people who’ve been stuck in the same day for quite some time. I’d be climbing walls on the second repeat if it happened to me and I was 17.

It doesn’t possess the bite of Palm Springs, but The Map of Tiny Perfect Things makes up for that by being irresistibly cute and relatively inspirational. I mean it, this film is so light-hearted and luminous. The clichés flash by our eyes, but we just don’t care; why should we, anyways?

I still miss Kyle Allen’s majestic mane from The Path, but he makes up for the lack of curls with a lot of charm and enthusiasm — and denim hoodies (I miss wearing those). And Kathryn Newton just grows greater and greater, she has such a raw presence and attitude; I resent that she’s typecast as rebellious, but man, it’s her thing. Also lots of young Virginia Madsen vibes.

I suspect this teen flick will go down as a fan favorite. It boasts a lot of flair and enough style. And amidst so many repetition, it manages to keep its heart steady in the right place.

That’s why we still put up with this Groundhog Day bullshit, time and time again. They’re all tiny perfect things, somehow.

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