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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Whiplash
  • The Lion King
  • No Country for Old Men

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  • Enemy

  • Guava Island

  • Honey Boy


  • Edge of Tomorrow


Recent reviews

  • Enemy


    I read a review that described this film as a short story visualized into a movie and I find that as a perfect description. The concept is something often discussed and seen in pop culture but its execution is more grounded and personal, making it feel distinctive from others.

    Jake Gyllenhaal's performance is the best out of everyone's, though everyone else delivered very well too. I had no idea where the story was going, which was helped by the clear…

  • Guava Island

    Guava Island

    I found this to be a well directed film that showcases the creative mind of Glover and his collaboraters. I loved the animated intro that established a bit of world building and cultural context of the setting. That said, the story didn't really compel me and it sometimes did come across as a prolonged music video. I don't follow or listen to Rihanna but the lack of her singing in the film did surprise me, especially with her dynamic with Glover's character.

    I'd still recommend it for diehard Donald Glover fans.

Popular reviews

  • Oldboy


    Brutal film, emotionally, psychologically, and especially physically. Phenomenal acting and interesting editing that helps drive the story to it's impactful climax.

  • 1917


    As much as I agree that some parts of this film follow typical Hollywood cliched they honestly didn't bother me that much. I enjoyed the acting, cinematography, production and sound design. The story engrossed me overall and the scenes that were meant to be tense worked for me, even if they were predictable. So yeah, I liked it.