Captain Marvel ★★★

The cat is the MVP, obviously.

This was entertaining, for the most part, which is what I've come to expect from the MCU. I liked the back and forth between Fury and Danvers, I also actually liked what they did with the Skrulls storyline. There was some fun action (mainly in the first half of the movie), and I liked the general approach to the story—sue me, I like the whole amnesia trope.

That being said, the movie fails to make Captain Marvel an interesting character. She is VERY one-note, Larson's performance is very one-note, and I found it ironic that she kept being told that she's too emotional and that it's her weakness when she barely shows emotion AT ALL in this movie. She is cold, stoic, and the movie REALLY wants you to know she's tough. OMG guys did you know she's tough and strong? Well, I bet you didn't, so I just thought I'd fill you in: she's tough. And strong. Which apparently means you also have to have the personality of a dead fish, because there is no way you could be tough while also actually being a human being.

I also thought they could have done a lot more with the 90s setting, but the cherry on top was the way Fury loses his eye... Really? THAT'S where you went with this? OK then...

Bottom line: this is an entertaining movie to watch once, and it serves its purpose of introducing a character for Avengers: Endgame, but this could have been a lot better.