Malignant ★★★

I am SO torn on Malignant, and it's one of the strangest experiences I've had with a horror film because it is absolutely ridiculous and often laughable... but also oddly entertaining? What are you doing to me, James Wan??

Here's what I think. The story? Absurd. When all is said and done, the big reveal creates plot holes and logical inconsistencies, if you look back on the rest of the film. And it's very much "out there" in general. The dialogue and its delivery? So often over the top, though this is definitely done on purpose, inspired by older horror films. But here's the thing: it already didn't age well in those films, and seeing a modern film do this on purpose looks even more ridiculous than it does in horror made in the 80s. The horror elements? Those actually work, along with the villain. This is where James Wan finds a great balance between scary and over the top.

So did I have fun? Yea, I did, partly because of how wild and ridiculous Malignant was. Would I say this is actually a good movie? Not at all. But I would be lying if I said it wasn't a good time.

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