The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★

OK, so first of all, Willem Dafoe is great in this.
Second, the color palette and the way Sean Baker makes the ugliness of the world look almost whimsical is also great from the aesthetic perspective.


Did I watch the same movie everyone else did? Because, apparently, everyone watched some magical, wonderful, best movie of the year about "real people" and "real childhood". I watched a movie about some the most obnoxious kids and adults/parents I've ever seen on screen. I'm sorry, I don't want to be THAT person, the one who disliked a movie everyone else loved, but The Florida Project just wasn't for me, I did not enjoy watching it, I kind of couldn't wait for this movie to end, and since my ratings are MAJORLY based on my personal experience—the 2 starts reflect that.

I'm not trying to say this isn't someone's reality or that the vicious circle isn't sad—clearly, the film spoke to people and has its merits. I'm also all for different kinds of stories being told, and I'm glad filmmakers out there take on the challenge of doing something different. None of this means I have to like this movie though, so don't waste time lecturing me in the comments about how I don't "get it".


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