Nomadland ★★★★★

"home, is it just a word? or is it something you carry within you?"

watched it at 2am, and it was a spiritual experience, it truly felt like i was there. it was so welcoming and comfortable for me to watch this film, i'm glad i watched this film at the right time. it felt like a documentary in the way it's shot and with all the interview-like segments. i loved these kinds of films that shows us the reality of how many people live around the world, how they feel and how beautiful humanity is despite the conditions. and it was exciting for me to see how they live their life and how things work for them. and it's interesting how every nomads side characters in this film mean so much to me, i loved listening to their stories, it was all so interesting.

"i'm not homeless. i'm just houseless."

the film was so beautifully shot, and the score really helped the film, it somehow was moving for me to listen to it. i really loved on how much they put their effort for us viewers to feel like we're also there, because there were so many locations and it felt like i and the character Fern just traveled the whole planet. it gave me a connection to nature itself and its people. Frances Mcdormand gives a powerhouse of a performance, and Chloe Zhao really did an fantastic job for adapting a great novel. it truly deserves every award. i can totally see this film as Oscars Best Picture.

"see you down the road."

if you're very anticipated or you already have watched this film before and you loved it very much, then i recommend you to listen to Phoebe Bridger's album called Punisher, and if you do listen to it.. good for you !!

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