Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

here’s the thing:
i don’t give one single fuck about the star wars franchise aside from the force awakens (and now this shit obviously). it’s weird but whenever i watch one of the new movies, it’s risqué and sexy because of the taboo nature of not caring about the prior installments since it’s such a huge landmark of culture.

ask me who shot first and i would tell you to kill yourself.
ask me who kylo ren is and i’ll tell you a fucking powerhouse of a character who’s moral compass has been askew since jump street (also my boyfriend)

i was crying from the moment the rolling text started to near the end with transcendalist luke skywalker, there was nearly no halting in the tears.

this was uhhhhhhhh, a fucking purge of my mind and body. for two hours and thirty five minutes, i was concerned about the sake of the rebellion. for two hours and thirty five minutes, i wanted to cry and do a philosophical analysis of this bs. like hehe that shot with kylo and rey side by side hehe (in snoke’s lair), hehe the mirror place on the island, this whole film is so beautiful and i’m gay hehe

i love porgs and i would literally allow myself to be murdered for bb8

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