Carol ★★½

Its hard to bash a movie like this, which I think is sort of unfair. It was quite beautiful, and very poignantly acted, and all about real human struggles, and had strong female leads, and all that good stuff. But I just didn't enjoy it! I mean, I appreciated it yes. But I felt immediately as if I'd been dragged down this road before. The muted sets and lovely fabrics and closeted lesbians and understated acting. It was fresh at first. I'm not a good enough cinematography student to pinpoint when exactly, but somewhere around An Education I think. But now its just dull and slow and tedious. Not bad, of course, Because you just can't call it bad. Because its not. But really, it is! Because you don't enjoy sitting through it. And not being able to bash it because its about repressed lesbians just seems unfair. I'm all about a good lesbian drama don't get me wrong. Blue is the Warmest Color was friggin unbelievable. I mean really knocked the breath out of you. This just lay there and forced you to watch out of a sense of cinematographic appreciation duty. Very annoying.

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