Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves ★★★★★

Survival, desperation, compassion.

Well that was sad as hell.

Bicycle Thieves tells a heartbreaking story about Antonio who finally lands a job pasting advertisements, gets his bicycle stolen, which is needed and required for his line of work. Along with his son, Bruno, they desperately search for it, otherwise without it he will lose the job which was to support his family.

Absolutely incredible storytelling. Our protagonist's and also each and everyone's performances, even the extras are great. The violin score is incredibly moving as well.

We're truly transported back in time during the post war depression in Rome. You could just see the difficult living condition of these people. A church which holds sanctuary for the ones who are in need of hygiene care and food. People either flocked outside of an office building looking for a job, pawning their valuables for cash or just wondering the streets possibly jobless. This was also the time when parents would send their children off to work to put food on the table.

Incredibly sad but this was once a reality and it still is, it's what makes this film important and feels timeless. This is a must watch Italian neorealism film!

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