Persona ★★★★★

it’s like Bergman took my own specific neuroses from my brain and turned them into a film but also made it elusive and poetic and sexy and unlike anything i’ve ever seen

there’s probably thousands of movies about people losing their minds or losing their grip on reality or whatever but this is the only film that really portrays what it feels like, not through a particular character study or through dialogue (although bergman can certainly do that as well obviously) but purely through atmosphere and the amalgamation of gestures and images and sounds and i know that’s a very reductive “analysis” of this film but i’m not trying to understand it i know i’m missing the mark by a million miles probably but this is what it is to me and that’s why i’ll watch it a billion times over and over and i’m perplexed by it every single time but i feel it very deeply you know? yeah

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