X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class ★★★★★

i miss when superhero movies EMBRACED their cheesiness instead of trying to tell a joke every 2 minutes like OH LOOK this right here is a big emotional moment but YKNOW let's tell a joke to show WE'RE STILL COOL AND HIP YEAAAH and consequently, undercut all this dramatic tension, and parody our OWN movie HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! like bitch why are you so embarrassed to have FEEEELINGS

"what are you?" "let's just say i'm frankenstein's monster [dramatic pause] and i'm looking for my creator." cheesy line, yes? but here i am swallowing my entire fist because magneto is pretty badass, proven by the fact he wasn't made to be the butt of a joke

"there's so much more to you than you know, not just pain and anger. there's good in you too." first of all, gay! second of all, the cheesiest of cheese fests and i'm crying through all 7 of my eyes because it's an honest, sincere moment between two very different people that wasn’t interrupted by a random gag

"MUTANT AND PROUD!!!" CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESY yet it's the one line that resonates and stays with the audience long after the movie ends. why? because there's real emotion and substance supporting all this cheese. the movie actually lets you understand and invest in these characters so the cheese is EARNED and doesn't even feel like cheese but instead a pivotal dramatic point which it actually IS, and makes for a more emotional and satisfying story than the passably entertaining blockbuster.

my point is love your feelings, folks! be sincere! cherik forever! thanks for coming to my ted talk

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