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  • Prince of Darkness

    Prince of Darkness



    As a pure exercise in atmosphere and image making it's already flawless, but Carpenter's opus is so much more than that; the intersection of career-long fascinations with theology, metaphysics, Lovecraftian abominations and the personification of pure evil. I saw this last year alone in a sparsely attended screening on a dirty 35mm print, and it was probably the best film watching experience of my life. That final cut to black is major.

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  • Kiss Me Deadly

    Kiss Me Deadly


    "First you find a little thread. The little thread leads you to a string. The string leads you to a rope. And from the rope you hang by the neck."

    A sneering bastard of a private eye smells blood in the water and brutalizes his way through an off-kilter nightmare of mad doctors, femme fatales and atomic terror. Film-noir tropes taken to their lurid extremes and film-noir itself taken to its logical, apocalyptic conclusion - the end of the world in high contrast black and white.

    "You didn't know. Do you think you'd have done any different if you had known?"

  • C.H.U.D.



    Of course you'll have a bad impression of New York if you only focus on the pimps and the CHUDs.

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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Zombie abandons all pretence of making a conventional Halloween film, and it's beautiful. Scout Taylor-Compton's hysterical portrait of an utterly overwhelmed human being is harrowing. The violence is brutal, visceral; you feel the weight behind all of Michael's blows. But make no mistake - the film isn't about the physical wounds left by his carnage, but the emotional ones that linger long after the violence ends.

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    "The angels will return, and when you see the one that’s meant to help you, you will weep with joy."

    Profoundly empathetic. Unimaginable horrors, domestic and eldritch, giving way to genuinely powerful catharsis. Every time, that final scene absolutely destroys me.