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This review may contain spoilers.

This was exactly the movie I needed to see right now. Having thoroughly embarrassed myself last night and generally acted like an asshole, I knew this morning that I wanted to watch this movie about Greta Gerwig learning to be less of an asshole and a realistically grown-up person. The first time I saw this the ending pissed me off, as I thought it was truncated and lazy. But I don't know, maybe it's just because the ending is why I watched the film this time, but I really liked how it concluded. It was muted and okay, a little too neat, but the neatness actually just made things seem pretty sweet, and it's good to have a happy ending to a realistic movie once in a while.

Greta Gerwig is the absolute star of this movie, as she contributes heavily to it's two best factors, as she both stars in it and co-wrote the movie. Adam Driver and Mickey Sumner both do great work in supporting roles but this is Greta's movie and I hope that voters remember it come awards season. Frances Ha has 'Independent Spirit Award Winning' written all over it, and although I do think Before Midnight is the slightly better film, I would totally be happy if it could somehow split it's deserved accolades with this movie.

But yeah, I just watched Frances Ha because I can relate to it today. I watched it in order to cheer myself up and not feel quite so shitty about everything and it worked. So if we watch movies in order to feel strong emotions and get swept up in what we're watching, Frances Ha definitely earns the four stars I'm giving it by ticking those boxes.

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