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  • Glorious



    It's cosmic horror on a miniscule scale in this one-setting, five-character concept piece that kind of works and kind of doesn't. Wes is a sadsack who has just gone through a breakup when he winds up in a rest stop bathroom where an ancient god just happens to be waiting for him, talking to him through a glory hole and tasking him with "satisfying [its] corporeal form" so that it can return to an ethereal form and thus save all…

  • Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

    Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

    Well, no... fuck "sort of." HELL YEAH, I DID.

    I've actually never seen the movie, but I just wanted to toot my own horn a little for attention.

    See, after the first movie was such a surprise hit, SyFy immediately ordered a followup. So they announced a contest to title the second movie. All you had to do was go on Twitter and enter. So, I came up with this title, clever…

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  • A Bullet for Joey

    A Bullet for Joey


    Cold War intrigue is front-and-center in this film noir as Edward G. Robinson tracks down a mug (George Raft) hired by a shadowy, unnamed organization (Communists) to kidnap an atomic scientist from Montreal. Raft, his men, and an ex-flame (Audrey Totter) enact an elaborate infiltration plan to get into the scientist's inner-circle, and some miscalculations and murder cause things to get messy. It gets off to a slow start, but once the plan gets underway it builds to something resembling…

  • Out of the Darkness

    Out of the Darkness


    Good acting keeps this half-procedural/half-family drama afloat, but it may disappoint viewers because it isn't particularly focused on the Son of Sam murders, it just happens around them. It's more about the home life of the head homicide detective (Martin Sheen) and his sick wife, but it's well-done for what it is. Hector Elizondo is a priest friend of the family and Joe Spinell has a pretty intense role as a possible suspect who's a little loony tunes. There's even…

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  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen


    Let me just say this up front: If you are a heterosexual male, you will probably hate this movie. I hate to generalize, but I've already read some bad reviews by men and I just know this is not a guy kind of movie. It's chick-flick horror. And to be fair, yes, the film does lean pretty heavily on the female spirituality thing, especially in its rather disappointing and overblown denouement. But up until that, I was loving every second…

  • The Haunting

    The Haunting


    In "Best Of" horror lists, this movie consistently ranks somewhere around number 25. But I don't care what anyone says, it will always be my #1 favorite horror film. I first encountered it around 23 years ago when I worked at a mom-and-pop video store in Manhattan. I was in the midst of getting my film education from the dusty shelves full of VHS tapes. I had always been fascinated by ghost stories and had already had one of my…