Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★½

This is surprisingly one of the best animals-on-the-loose movies I've ever seen, so it's extra-disappointing that it's also morally reprehensible. For one, real animals are TORTURED, not just harmed. Rats are set on fire by a flamethrower, a pig is allowed to be mauled by a hyena, ditto for a cow by a lioness, and there are more instances. FEMA would have a heart attack. Secondly, the film opens on the bare breasts of a prepubescent girl. Now, I know that innocent nude photography of YOUNG children used to be permissible. I remember it myself. But this is not innocent. This is men leering at a 10-12 YO girl as she gets dressed. I've lived in Italy and I don't remember them being quite as gross as I find they are when I watch old horror movies. It's actually hard to discuss the film's good qualities because they are so tainted. There's a lot of good action. The animal photography is well-done. The story is ridiculous but entertaining. Just be forewarned.

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