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  • Christmas Evil

    Christmas Evil


    Fucking dingdongs watch Love, Actually when they could be watching this instead.

  • Gold Diggers of 1933

    Gold Diggers of 1933


    Excellent salve for a fucking garbage week.

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  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink


    Jon Cryer is an insufferably obnoxious stalker creep whose relationship with Molly Ringwald even on a friendship level is unfathomable. Andrew McCarthy is odd, devoid of personality, and inadvertently kind of creepy; almost at times coming across like a proto-Hugh Grant. Ironically, it is James Spader posited as the movie's archetypal rich asshole decked out in his '80s Miami drug czar wardrobe and aviators who is the most charismatic presence among the dudes vying for the affections of Molly Ringwald.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I know I'm alone in this opinion, but I don't give a fuck. There was not a single moment in this movie that convincingly conveyed to me that Driver and Johansson would ever give a shit about each other let alone have enough of a history to violently hate each other.