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  • That Darn Cat!

    That Darn Cat!


    Haven't seen this since I binged on every Hayley Mills film I could find at age 16. Friends, I am shook. This is a genuine gem.

    Hayley has a sort of lame boyfriend in this film, but she's mostly interested in solving the mystery of a missing bank teller and breaking up Dorothy Provine's unintentional romance with the hilariously insane Roddy McDowell.

    Dean Jones does his best stressed-out-man-who-wants-you-to-think-he's-normal-and-relaxed as the sneezy, feline allergic FBI agent that Hayley picks out to…

  • The Return of Frank James

    The Return of Frank James


    I remembered this film as a bit better, but Henry Fonda gives a good performance. It's an oddly laid back revenge story that doesn't really comment on the hatred or malice of personal vendettas. Gene Tierney doesn't do a lot, but she's warm and gives feminist speeches and looks beautiful in Technicolor.

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  • How to Steal a Million

    How to Steal a Million


    Nicole didn’t even have to leave her house to meet a handsome man. If this isn’t an introvert’s dream, I don’t know what is!

  • Third Finger, Left Hand

    Third Finger, Left Hand


    Margot Sherwood Merrick faked a marriage just to avoid workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. A LEGEND.