Midsommar ★★½

look, i loathe hereditary and don't even want to waste words discussing his short films. if ari aster, for whatever reason, showed up at my doorstep, i would bite him without hesitation. just fucking chomp away at the bastard. i hate his pretentious, mean-spirited movies and his condescending ass. so, all this considered, i'm still a bit shocked how mixed my reaction to midsommar was.

for the most part, this meandering and overdeveloped wicker man riff just feels like a rough cut. too much lore, too much character development, and nowhere near enough horror. the film seems to believe that for every action to feel justified, it requires three or four prior scenes foreshadowing it. and the result is just boring. aster could've easily cut out fifty minutes.

but look, when the film actually starts -- about two hours in -- i finally understood why aster was making movies. it launches into a kinetic and repulsive frenzy which is nothing short of hilarious. and, unlike the fragmented incohesive conclusion of hereditary, midsommar's final moments bring together its ideas into a visceral scene that questions a lot of the basic moral foundations horror relies on. so, for once, aster boasts actual creativity. it's just buried under two hours of self-indulgence.

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