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  • The Lineup

    The Lineup


    A film spin-off of the then-popular television series of which this film shares it’s title, The Lineup is a hard boiled film directed with a sharp punch by famous genre director Don Siegel, and starring, in his second role, the legendary Eli Wallach in a role he was born for, as a psychopathic hitman who’s hired, along with his sociopathic and cold hearted partner (Robert Keith), by a drug organization to collect the various shipments of heroin that have been…

  • The Burglar

    The Burglar


    Most known nowadays for being sex bomb Jayne Mansfield’s first major acting role, The Burglar is a surprisingly taunt, sharply honed thriller noir from Columbia Pictures, included currently on The Criterion Channel’s “Columbia Noir” package. Unjustly overlooked, it’s not a film of high aims, true, but it’s told with a lean, mean sense of stylism and pinache, as we follow an anxiety ridden burglar, Nat Harbin (noir regular Dan Duryea, known for Scarlet Street), as he tries to stay one…

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water

    Holding all the nuance and emotional maturity of a fifteen year old girl's Twilight fan fiction, The Shape of Water is a heavy handed, lumbering and overly anvilicious parable about outsiders, and how America is actually really mean to outsiders, and how true love conquers hate, and other kindergarten level moral poeticism.

    Guillermo del Toro, long a fetishist for the macabre and the monstrous, finally gets to fulfill his sexually repressed fifteen year old self's desire to see the Creature…

  • Leo the Lion

    Leo the Lion


    God is dead.

    We have killed Him.