Favorite films

  • The World's End
  • Boogie Nights
  • Moonlight
  • Night of the Living Dead

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  • Last House on Dead End Street


  • Demon Queen


  • Ogroff


  • Black Devil Doll from Hell


Recent reviews

  • Last House on Dead End Street

    Last House on Dead End Street

    A heartless snuff nightmare, with revolting brutality leaving just as lasting an impression as its deeply unsettling score. When those masks are donned on the killing floor and the audio drops out, that dull throbbing synth (soon to be accompanied by clattering piano chords and ambient chanting) packs all the anxious intensity of an air raid siren.

  • Demon Queen

    Demon Queen

    That 'bright lights streaking across cheap video' aesthetic. There's something here about a succubus reanimating the dead, but it hardly matters (par for the course with SOV horror). Demon Queen is a movie less interested in telling any manner of discernible story than it is in serving as a stylistic time capsule. It's all about cheap gore and that sleazy 80s neon glow.

Popular reviews

  • A Date with Your Family

    A Date with Your Family

    Actual quotes from this toxic guilt trip of an instruction manual:

    - "The women of this family seem to feel that they owe it to the men of this family to look attractive at dinner time."
    - "Is it that late already? Dad'll be home any minute. Better tell mother she's needed in the kitchen."
    - "The boys greet their dad as though they are genuinely glad to see him, as though they had really missed being away from him…

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    In the final act of his excellent sophomore effort, Damien Chazelle again lets his story resolve itself with a prolonged musical passage, broadly summing up everything his characters stand for and have been through, while reflecting on who they've become and where they'll be going. It's a uniquely affecting type of lyrical denouement which I don't think any other filmmaker today is capable of orchestrating, nor are much interested in volleying to an audience raised on stirring speeches and loose…