Drive ★★★★★

i just made a stupid review for this movie and deleted it because i need to explain why this movie is so important to me!!

so firstly, my mom and i decided to watch this when i was a mere 10 years old. i found it on imdb and was so excited after watching the trailer, so we rented it. she stopped it at the stripper scene and i was so angry because of how much this movie captivated me. 5 years later, i come across it again and memories come back of neon lights and ryan gosling. my mom and i sit down again, from the beginning, and watch the whole movie. at the end, we were both in tears, holding onto the edge of our seats. my mom is very hard to please when it comes to movies that make her uncomfortable and this one made her change her mind. i ran upstairs after she went to sleep and watched it 2 more times. 

I just finished watching a horror movie. i barley kept my eyes open and when it was over, i went upstairs, took a shower, and sat in my room, pondering. i turned on drive. of course, the movie i want to fall asleep to is an intense action packed film that kept me on the edge of my seat. but that's what's so important to me about this movie is that it makes me feel whatever i need whenever i need it. when i'm upset, drive makes me feel like i'm in a dream. when i'm happy, drive makes me feel unsettled and satisfied at the same time. when i'm tired, it puts me at ease. drive might not do the same for you but i feel like in some way it always will for me. my second personal essay and i feel more honest every single time. thank you for reading!

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