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This review may contain spoilers.

I cry everytime I see the video of her landing the triple axel.

That's truly who Tonya was. She wasn't the evil villain to America's twisted story of fame, nor was she a redneck, a hillbilly, or a white trash girl with no education. She was that triple axel. She was the buildup to it, and the falling out after it. She was the doubt, the inspiration, and the feeling everyone across the world had when she landed it. After the triple axel, she was everything.

She never wanted to be anything but the best. And who can blame her? She was the image of the American dream, from beginning to end. She was what the people wanted her to be, even when she fought it. She wanted people to scream her name, she wanted to be known for ice skating. She begged America to let her be that triple axel. But we're cruel and unforgiving. Her talents didn't exist after "the incident". She became the villain. And even though we never got the real truth, we placed her in the spotlight, and hated her.

But to me, and to her, she will always be the triple axel.

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