La La Land ★★★★★

I live for dreams. I live for the idea that one day I will be in the film industry. I live for film, I live for film lovers, I live for La La Land.

When you make films like this, the game is changed. This film is everything that we've been waiting for. In La La Land, there is nothing that feels out of place. Every scene perfectly sets up the next and made me want more than just 2 hours of pure magic. I want to live my life in Mia and Sebastian's world, with the beautiful score and wonderfully choreographed dance numbers.

It ends exactly like it needs to. Everyone around me seemed kind of disappointed in the ending, including my best friend, but this film is real life. Musicals are difficult in that they never feel realistic, but in La La Land I related to these characters more than any two put to screen. The ending perfectly displayed the world that two dreamers will be put through. 

 This film is a masterpiece, life changing, and a must see for dreamers out there. I 100% recommend La La Land.

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