Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

I'm going to make a controversial statement. Dana Kimmel is the best "final girl" in the Friday the 13th series. Don't get me wrong, Amy Steel is really great too, but Kimmel's Chris is awesome. She kicks some major Voorhees ass, she's damn resourceful, and her sweater game is on point. Plus, she gave Jason that trademark scar in the mask. Granted, she's totally insane at the end of the movie, but still amazing.

If there's no Jason in this movie, I think things end up basically the same... Shelley kills everybody. I mean come on, who the fuck packs a spear gun and a hockey mask to go to a lake? He's also got one of those Velcro wallets; classic serial killer behavior.

This one has it all. A great cast and some great kills (Handstand! Spear gun!). Incredibly cheesy 3D shots (Flying wallets! Wooden handles! Hands!). It introduced the hockey mask (this is my favorite Jason look of the whole series, btw), and it's got that fucking awesome opening credits theme by Harry Manfredini. I'd put it at #2 in the series -My Rankings here

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