Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★½

Not as much fun of a rewatch as I had hoped. The film has some some brief bright spots though. The incredibly stunning Valeria Golino shows up & gives the film some warmth. An all too brief Bruce Campbell. Pam Grier in kind of a less cringey depiction of a trans character than I remembered (but markedly still not great), even though Snake keeps dead naming her. Also, while the CG is pretty bad, there's some very nice model work in the film. I know LA is just a reskin of Escape from NY, but it just played more bland for me this time. All the characters just feel disposable in a way that most Carpenter films do not. It's like Carpenter never found a balance for the film & if I'm being honest, it feels a little desperate at times.
The ending is still the best part.

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