American Honey

American Honey ★★★★★

i have nothing in common with this film. there is nothing about the characters or story that is obviously particular to me. yet it is one of the most personal, intimate films ive ever seen. it’s entirely an experience from start to end, a masterclass in subtle world-building and cathartic storytelling. it could go on forever. i never wanted this movie to end. i was hooked from the second it began. the film almost seems unreal- i cannot imagine it being physically shot, filmed, edited, cut: it’s someone’s real life that ive followed. it’s my life, perhaps one ive lived before, one that id forgotten. it’s a dream. it’s beyond personal-it resonates with our human desire to love, to be free, to be young and immortal. it’s not the best movie ever made but if anything it’s by far the most universal. no matter who you are, there’s a piece of you in american honey.

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