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  • The Mole People

    The Mole People


    This Sumerian civilization, man. Civil they are not. As if having slaves isn't bad enough, they really beat the shit out of them, young women are being sacrificed to keep the numbers under control and their answer to anything that threatens their beliefs is death and destruction. Great outfits too. These guys make the Vatican look like a bunch of sweethearts. I guess that's the twist here. They are the real monsters. It makes it quite satisfying seeing the mole…

  • Phone Booth

    Phone Booth


    Never turn down a pizza rudely, even if it's being delivered to you in a phone booth. I love movies that put total assholes through the wringer and there's enough of that going on here. A tight little cat and mouse thriller that wastes no time and has Kiefer Sutherland talking through a phone. A little too much perhaps, the plot isn't exactly waterproof and things never get tense, not really, but the phone booth quickly gets smaller and smaller…

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  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    Exceptionally well executed horror. The use of lighting, the color scheme, the camera moves and the sound design; it looks and sounds terrific. Those gunshots for instance. The first one made me swear and cheer in three different languages. Then there's Big Norm, the blind man. A formidable figure who unexpectedly wakes up and makes sudden appearances. Nothing like the cheap jump scares you see so often. And he shows no fear. He's the kind of guy that probably thinks…

  • Dark Angel

    Dark Angel


    Bring out all your superheroes, tear down all the CGI cities you want or destroy complete planets for all I care, I will always prefer this kind of pure action. And Baxley was quite good at it in those years. Dolph Lundgren too, that's a pretty sweet roundhouse kick early on, but his ruthless cop is also having a bad day as his partner goes down. In comes a new one. A by the book fed. That means male bonding…