The Witch

The Witch ★★½

Atmospheric they say. And it is, in those woods. Right after the grisly images of Samuel's disappearance, there's a sense of dread coming from that dense forest. Not the creepiest scene in the beginning though. That's when the family kneels down before the woods and raise their arms with a look of holy happiness on their face. Puritans. Five minutes later they are sulking in old English, playing a blame game with lots of religious blather and madness. Not the type of characters that I'm really fond of. At some point it became so off-putting, that I stopped caring about anything that was going on on the farm. The fine slices of horror in the end aren't enough to compensate for that. By no means a bad film, I will definitely pick up Eggers's next offering, but this particular folktale isn't for me.

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