Upgrade ★★★

May I point something out?

Watch out, kids, don't let technology take over your lives! Nice try by Leigh Whannel, but it doesn't entirely work for me. Either you make a stone cold cyberpunk flick out of this or you push the outrageous button (hard(er)). Upgrade ends up somewhere in the middle. And then there's the talking implant. STEM basically does to the movie what a walkthrough does to a game. It explains everything that's going on and solves every problem Grey encounters. Add a plot that's about as obvious as they come and it nibbles away at the thrill of it all. Also, I'm not a big fan of this robot, Matrix-like fighting style. Luckily there's some dark humor floating around, the brutal and gory bits are exactly that and it gets a thumbs up for the outcome.

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