Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★

F. Prosperi #2 --- Somehow Angel Dust got into the water supply of Frankfurt which turns the zoo animals into wild beasts. Where is the Disco Godfather when you need him? A zookeeper, Lorraine De Selle, and the city's law enforcement do their best to get them back into their cages.

The movie has various crazy stunts. A highlight is a race between a leopard and a VW-Käfer. Unfortunately, the stunts go hand in hand with animal cruelty. Other than that the constant screaming and incompetency of the victims got on my nerves. But as expected I loved Lorraine (even though she overacts like crazy in this) and the location. There are a few Italian movies from the 80s that were shot in Germany (Demons 1&2, The Sect, The Church). I wonder why that is. It's fun though and Prosperi turns it into a killer kid film in the last five minutes as well. The very end sucks, though. It just ends mid-scene.


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