Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★½

Not a fun or enjoyable film. The four girls are unlikable, and the slow pace, embarrassingly lame dialogue that gets repeated over and over again.

The cinematography is beautiful, and the music is good. James Franco fills the role of 'The only likable person', and in a fun (probably ad-libbed) scene produces the one joke of the film.
There is another scene, about halfway through, that will remind you what it was like to smile.
After this, you are taunted with glimpses of potentially interesting plots which are brushed aside.

This film is 50% a high-production girls gone wild porn video, and its 2013, so there is no reason to pay for porn, just wait until it comes out on TV or netflix.

I was mostly disappointed by the squandered potential, a bunch of funny, talented actresses, James Franco playing a gangster. Spring Break, guns... how is it possible to not make that fun?