A great film is one that lives up to my hype on the second viewing.

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  • Gamera



    Gamera is my new favourite kaiju. Sorry Ghidora. But you can’t beat a fire breathing, UFO flying, screaming turtle.

    Within the first 10mins Gamera is revealed in his full glory. Very straight to the point.

    I like that this film is black and white because it helps with the special effects of the time.

  • Mothra vs. Godzilla

    Mothra vs. Godzilla


    Really hated the overly spastic movements of Godzilla during the kaiju battles. I don’t care how old this is, or if it’s a man in a rubber suit, such a creature of that size does not move like that. On the plus side, they’ve improved somewhat on their special effects.

    The first time I ever heard this particular Godzilla theme was in a song by Missy Elliot...I think? 😆😅

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  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    It could have been worse. Good thing I know nothing about the world otherwise I would have judged it a lot more harshly I think. All in all the special effects are pretty ok! And humour actually landed well, and more’s better then ww84, there I said it.

    There’s an after credit scene.

  • Joker



    2nd watch was better then the first watch. And i'm gonna say it....I liked Joaquin's Joker better then Heath Ledgers. And its probably my favorite film ever, definitely second if not first. Its the only film that Ive given 5/5 on here. So yeah...

    There’s a prejudice against the comic film genre, atleast amongst high end prestigious critics. And I think that prejudice has been swept away by this film. It won the Golden Lion Award at the most prestigious…