Annette ★★

I’m convinced that Adam Driver has a helmet fetish at this point. 

This definitely wasn’t for me, but I can appreciate the weirdness and audacity of it all.

I enjoyed all the green. I did not enjoy any of the songs unless Baby Annette was vocalizing. 
I thought it a great idea to have Annette be a puppet, and then that switch! Really amazing child actor/singer.

I don’t think Driver sings very well, and he did a lot of singing (which most of the time just sounded like talking.) His character Henry was so off-putting, and just flat-out hatable. His stand-up was abysmal. Driver, though, cannot be accused of not fully committing to this role. He has played a string of unlikeable characters lately with this, The Last Duel and the horrible Star Wars Disney movies, but I still appreciate him as an actor; he’s done a lot of good (Marriage Story, Paterson, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.) I just thought I’d seen the last of his fedoras in While We’re Young. P.S. — I am super excited for the forthcoming Gerwig/Driver driven White Noise! Just read the novel last year. It’s one of my favorite books of all time.

Marion Cotillard is always good. Simon Helberg as The Conductor was super annoying.

No, not for me, but this was still better than Tick Tick Boom.

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