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This review may contain spoilers.

This was very dramatic. Very family dramatic. I have not read Shakespeare's play that it was based on, which may be blasphemous at this juncture. I'm trying to remedy that. I have only read 3 of his plays, but I want to read Macbeth first before King Lear.

It took me a while getting into this one. Hell, I started this epic back in 2007/08. I rented it from Blockbuster during their "no more late fees" gimmick. I was living with my grandparents at the time while going to college. I was having trouble reading the subtitles from my bedroom tv and was feeling pretty lax about getting it back to Blockbuster, and completely forgot about it until Blockbuster charged my Grandfather's account with a restocking fee. He was pissed. He settled the bill then I gave him $20. He was still fucking pissed. So, some 13/14 years later I have taken the epic back up, and I finally (being able to read the subtitles) got into it.

My favorite character was Lady Kaede, also in MHO the best acted with Mieko Harada giving a great performance.

Though, I connected with Saburo's character the most emotionally, even before he met his demise.

Lord Hidetora was great. I know they were trying to make the character appear older, but his 4-hour make-up job was a little rediclous to me. Though, he did end up looking like he was a character out of a horror movie or something. He was giving me real "Mad King" Aerys II Targaryen vibes. I wonder if George Martin was at all inspired by this film.

Some other random thoughts:
-The horses performed admirably. I bet Kurosawa was proud of those beauts.
-I was not expecting the firearms at all. The muzzle-flash(correct jargon?) was a very cool red, like the blood in this film (Kurosawa really mastered the color red.) It kind of reminded me of laser bolts like you might see in an Original Trilogy Star Wars picture. Very sci-fi/fantasy. Very cool
- Great cloud shots.
- Looking at Saburo's helmet I was reminded of just how Samurai Darth Vader is.
- This film was a great reminder of how senseless most wars can be, and how a lot of folks die senselessly.

My next Kurosawa will be Rashomon, Ikiru, Dreams or High and Low. Any suggestions welcomed!

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