Her Deadly Sugar Daddy

Her Deadly Sugar Daddy ½

one time, when i was kinda young, i got super sick and had to head home from my grandmother’s house really early. i was so sick that my family was a little scared and wanted to kind of quarantine me away from the rest of the house so no one else could catch what i had. my mom gave me some NyQuil™ in a pretty heavy dosage, so i could feel better quicker. to fall asleep, i turned on a lifetime/lmn movie just so i could hear the noise and drift off, as i normally like to do most nights. eventually i woke up, saw it was dark outside, and tried to walk to the bathroom to pee, only to find that my legs couldn’t work. i couldn’t even move from my bed! and suddenly i started to see shadows move against the walls of my rooms. i thought to myself, “this must be a nightmare…!!”

it was not a nightmare, i just had too much NyQuil™ and was a little loopy. i sadly cannot say the same for this terrible horrible no good very bad movie :(

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