The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★½

TL;DR: it’s fucking FUN. it is just fun on top of fun. not fun for the whole family, but fun for the family that’s like. older than 13 probably! 

i haven’t stopped talking about it since i went to go see it. i’m genuinely shocked. i will admit that i was on the front lines rooting against it for months, sorry to this movie!  
but then i watched it and i was smiling the whole time. 

by the time “THE SUICIDE SQUAD” showed up on screen, i already knew that this was something different. there’s a choice with the storytelling that they made for this movie that i LOVE, that i also think definitely gives it a more airy, laidback, and whimsical feeling that the first one routinely failed to accomplish. it doesn’t take itself seriously, which i think makes it all the much better. at times, the movie felt very comic-book-y, but in the good way that makes you smile once you start to see the vision and get into the groove of what they were going for during the editing process.

i thought all of our main cast (the big hitters like harley, rick flag, peacemaker, etc) was excellent. they each bring something unique and fun to watch to the table. they were just fucking funny. i cannot count the amount of times i laughed in the first seven minutes. their energy, synergy, interactions, whatever, are addicting. i’m so glad that they took a more relaxed approach for this remake. it was exactly what the first one was needing. 

i saw it august 1st and have already booked tickets for a friday showing because i have to see it again. just to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me. just to make sure i didn’t dream the whole thing. 

thank you to john cena for showing up to our theatre. and thank you to him x2 for throwing me a shirt. we’re best friends now. i bet he gives great hugs!

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