Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★★

I only got a chance to see Taika's new film half a year later, so The Handmaiden has established it's No. 1 film spot for 2016 already, but this comes galloping in at a very good second place (which it won't have to give up either I'm sure).

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is all kinds of awesome and Taika's ability to mix absurd and sweet humour with sad parts while celebrating imagination is still intact and works so splendidly well, it might be at its best here.

Every scene has it's own unique element that makes it funny or heartwarming or worthwhile in another way, and brings us closer to wonderful characters. And as always with Taika they are outsiders of some sort and their bonding and coping with each other and the world's struggles makes for a wonderful ride of a movie.

I'm not gonna mention any specific highlights as not to spoil something for anyone who still didn't have the luck of seeing it, but one broader highlight is the music, as there's many a great song choice and the number of references to 80's action films in the dialogue are mirrored here a fair bit, yet subtly, so the film never starts to boarder on the hip retro-kitsch of nowadays 80's throwback films.

A really wonderful film and another one where I wish I had had the opportunity to watch it with the missus on the big screen.

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